Under-Car Technician

Automotive Under Car TechnicianThis hands-on, short-termtraining gives students an in-depth understanding of under vehiclesystems: brakes, suspension, driveline, and electrical and preparesstudents for a job in suspension and brakes, either as a technicianor manager. The under car technician courses apply towards ASEcertification in (A5) Automotive Brakes and (A4) AutomotiveSteering and Suspension.

Classes include:

AUT 101 Basic Electricity for Automotive - 2
AUT 106 Automotive Program Orientation - 1
AUT 107 Mechanical Systems I - 3
AUT 109 Mechanical Systems II - 1
AUT 110 Small Gas Engines - 3
AUT 204 Steering and Suspension - 3
AUT 208 Automotive Brakes - 3

For salary info and job opportunities state-wide visit the State of Oregon Employment Department web site.