Program Outcomes - Automotive Technology in Electronics and Diagnostics

Although effective in placing students into transportation related occupations, preparation for entry level jobs requires that the student adapt and continue their education through the employer. The student is required to perform 288 hours of work experience near completion of the program. The advisory and the automotive staff would like to promote the new Automotive Technology in Electronics and Diagnostics Degree to prepare students for current and advancing technologies and bring training to the current technicians and local businesses. We continue to be a leader in training, yet we are ready to strengthen that leadership by providing enhanced electronics training to build workforce knowledge and skills necessary for a technician to improve within their career as a lifelong learner. The new program will include multiple short-term certificates to promote student success. We remain articulated with regional high schools and work well with Oregon community colleges. As a NATEF Certified Training Program, we are continually improving the quality of training and new technologies, which is the reason for proposing the Automotive Technology in Electronics and Diagnostics (TED) Degree.

Upon the completion of the degree in Automotive Technology, graduates will be able to:

  1. Evaluate, diagnose, and repair various automotive systems using NATEF guidelines.
  2. Use technology and basic scientific principles for research and problem solving.
  3. Employ effective written and oral communication skills.
  4. Employ effective technical writing skills.
  5. Utilize mathematical logic and analysis for problem solving.
  6. Understand the connections between individuals and society.
  7. Have the ability to achieve ASE Master Certification.
  8. Perform reading skills at the college level.
  9. Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.