Engine Performance Technician

Want to get to the root of the problem? Diagnose, sort out, fix, upgrade and repair? Then check this out: this ten-month program trains you to be the key troubleshooter in figuring out a vehicle's driveability problems. Students will learn to identify everything from powertrain malfunctions to ignition failures and other engine-related problems using state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment, as well as the best way to fix the problem for your client. COCC's engine performance technician program applies towards ASE certification in (A6) Automotive Electrical / Electronic Systems and (A8) Automotive Engine Performance.

Classes include:

AUT 101 Basic Electricity for Automotive - 2
AUT 102 Auto Electric I - 4
AUT 103 Auto Electric II - 2
DSL 105 Diesel Performance I - 2
AUT 106 Automotive Program Orientation - 1
AUT 107 Mechanical Systems I - 3
AUT 109 Mechanical Systems II - 1
AUT 110 Small Gas Engines - 3
AUT 111 Computerized Engine Controls - 5
AUT 205 Engine Performance I - 2
AUT 206 Engine Performance II - 2

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Performance Technician

Engine Performance Technician