Automotive Basic Skills with Basic Engine Performance

Career Pathway Certificate - 12 credits

Prior to taking automotive advanced courses, students must take the basic skills courses:

AUT 101 Basic Electricity for Automotive - 2
AUT 106 Automotive Program Orientation -1
AUT 107 Mechanical Systems I - 3
AUT 109 Mechanical Systems II - 1
AUT 110 Small Gas Engines - 3
*AUT 112 Basic Engine Performance I - 1
*AUT 113 Basic Engine Performance II - 1

*course added to the basic skills to complete a certificate.

These courses capture a range of skills that are required for the automotive industry, including basic internal combustion engines and theory, basic DC electrical and schematic understanding, and vehicle inspection. The largest portion addresses shop and vehicle safety.

Adding this two credit elective course will provide a good understanding of the fundamental principles of automotive welding and offer a certificate.