Ceramics II - VI

As a result of taking Ceramics II, II, IV, V, and VI, a student will be able to:

  1. Successfully and safely, glaze pieces of bisqueware using a variety of application techniques.
  2. Work through the appropriate steps to manipulate a lump of wet clay in order to turn it into a well-crafted vessel using wheel throwing, (optional).

  3. Understand, recognize and know the possibilities and limitations of working with clay at its various stages between wet and dry.

  4. Recognize flaws in construction and suggest solutions to avoid repeating the flaws.

  5. Produce a series of at least 4 items that are similar and consistent in size, shape, surface and color.

  6. Understand the basic components in a glaze and how they work together to melt into a useful glaze.

  7. Sketch an idea for a piece that indicates proportion, scale and method of construction, and to execute the idea in a well-crafted manner.

  8. Recognize and be able to create a variety of surface decoration techniques.

  9. Verbally analyze a ceramic item using the elements of structure.

  10. Explore the notion of manipulating clay without expectations of the final outcome.

  11. Participate with the class in a service learning project by facilitating the production of ceramic bowls by community groups, (Boys & Girls Club, Senior citizens, High Schools).