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Ceramics I

Students who successfully complete Ceramics I will:

  1. Understand basic information about the clay medium: the raw materials which make clay and the characteristics of clay-colors, maturing temperatures, shrinkage, and plasticity.

  2. Comprehend and be able to use the basic vocabulary terms of ceramics.

  3. Be aware of the health hazards of working with some of the raw materials used with ceramics and know what precautions to take to work safely with those materials.

  4. Understand, be able to recognize and know the possibilities and limitations of working with clay at its various stages between wet and dry.

  5. Be able to work through the appropriate steps to manipulate a lump of wet clay in order to turn it into a well-crafted vessel using the forming methods of slab, hollowing and coil individually and in combinations.

  6. Be able to successfully and safely glaze pieces of bisqueware using a variety of application techniques.

  7. Be able to recognize flaws in construction and suggest solutions to avoid repeating the flaws.

  8. Be able to identify predominate elements of structure in a given example of ceramic work.

  9. Be able to verbally analyze a ceramic item using the elements of structure.

  10. Be able to sketch an idea for a piece that indicates proportion, scale and method of construction, and to execute the idea in a well-crafted manner.

  11. Participate with the class in a service-learning project by facilitating the production of ceramic bowls by community groups, (Boys & Girls Club, Senior citizens, High Schools).