Basic Design 2-D

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of design, and successfully apply principles of composition to artwork. (2-D Area Program Outcome)

  2. Understand the basic visual forces we can use to achieve a composition.

  3. Appreciate the value of visual thinking and communication.

  4. Demonstrate the ability to utilize terminology and concepts of the discipline, verbally and in writing.

  5. Solve problems in your work.

  6. Develop habits for using studio time most effectively.

  7. Understand the value of intuition in the development of artistic sensibilities.

  8. Explain, analyze and critically assess your work and the work of others through discussions and reviews.

  9. Locate work produced for the course within the historical and cultural traditions of 2- dimensional art.

  10. Demonstrate increased perception of design concepts and improved design skills. Learn to be open to unscheduled learning outcomes.