AAS in Non Destructive Testing and Inspection

*Beginning in Spring term of 2016 this program is no longer accepting new students. Students who are currently declared in these programs should contact program director Bruce Emerson to develop an academic plan.


The AAS in Non Destructive Testing and Inspection is a self-directed, outcome-based program designed to prepare students for technician-level employment in a manufacturing environment. The program is offered exclusively at the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center (MATC) at COCC's Redmond Campus.

Departmental approval is required for enrollment at the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center.

The results of NDTI surround us every day. NDTI technicians routinely inspect rivet joints on the skins of airliners using eddy current to keep us safe when we fly. The cars we drive use steel that is ultrasonically tested for cracks before forming. The bridges we drive those cars over have welds tested using magnetic particle inspection. Food cans are often x-rayed after canning to insure no contaminants are inside. NDTI even plays a role in Homeland Security as shipping containers are scanned for nuclear materials at sea ports and those much disputed full body scanners examine us at airports.Montage

This program is the culmination of the core skills learned in each of the Non Destructive Testing and Inspection Certificates of Completion combined with the 8 credits of MATC/NDTI electives and selected COCC general courses to round out the student's education.

One other course required is the Cooperative Work Experience where students can test drive their new career in the real world while allowing employers to look at a potential new employee.

After approximately two years of study, students can complete the courses required to earn the AAS Degree in Nondestructive Testing and Inspection.

This certificate/degree is designed for students planning to enter their chosen career upon graduation. Often only selected credits are considered transferable to public or private baccalaureate institutions. Prior to starting any MATC program, students are advised to contact the institution they intend to transfer to and identify what credits may be transferable.


Suggested Course Plan for NDTI AAS degree