Required Courses & Estimated Costs

To earn a certificate all required courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better and students must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA to graduate.

COURSE LIST (58 credits)

  • Pharmacy Tech StudentWR 121 English Composition 4 cr.
  • AH 111 Medical Terminology I 3 cr.
  • MTH 95 Intermediate Algebra or higher*   3 cr 
  • *Must be completed prior to the 2nd term of the cohort
  • BI 121 Anatomy and Function I 4cr.
  • PHM 100 Introduction to Pharmacy Technician 4cr.
  • PHM 101 Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians 3cr.
  • PHM 120 Drug Classification and Therapeutics I 3cr.
  • AH 112 Medical Terminology II 3cr.
  • BI 122 Anatomy and Function II 4cr.
  • PHM 110 Pharmacy Calculations 3cr.
  • PHM 140 Pharmacy Technician Procedures 4cr.
  • PHM 130 Drug Classification and Therapeutics II 3cr.
  • PHM 190 Practicum I: Hospital/Institutional 4cr.
  • PHM 191 Practicum II: Retail/Community 4cr.
  • PHM 181 Pharmacy Technician Seminar 2cr.
  • SP 218 Interpersonal Communication 3cr.
  • CIS120 Computer concepts 4 cr.


Pharmacy Tech COCC

In addition to tuition (see tuition rates), the estimated costs for students to complete the entire program are:

  • Books $500
  • Program, Licensing and Exam Fees $701
  • On-line Fees $300 ($10 per credit "online course" fee applied to all PHM courses)
  • Equipment and Supplies $50
  • Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen and Immunization Tracking - $110 
  • Immunizations $200-$400 (if you don't have them already) 
  • CPR Certificate $60

Contact the Financial Aid office at 541-383-7260 to find out if you qualify for help with these costs. Students are responsible for costs related to travel to the COCC campus and practicum locations.



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