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Pharmacy Technician Program

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For an appointment, please contact:
Shannon Waller, Program Director
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  • Attention:  Due to accreditation standards, the Pharmacy Tech Program will need to add two required lab credits to the certificate total; these credits will be added during Winter 2017 term.  Please contact the Program Director for further information. 
  • The next pharmacy technician cohort is scheduled to begin in the Fall Term of 2017.
  • Enrollment is first come-first served for the first 16 students who have completed program preparation and prerequisites. 
  • Priority registration is given to currently enrolled certificate/degree-seeking students who have completed the highest number of credits at COCC.   Therefore, completing the prerequisites does not guarantee you a seat in the cohort. 
  • There are 4 seats available for distance education students.  Please see registration checklist for more information or contact the program director.

Oregon Health Authority law

Per the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 409-030-0100, health profession students will need to meet a standardized, universal set of administrative requirements prior to doing clinical training in Oregon. For most students, satisfying the requirements once will be sufficient for all subsequent clinical training experiences. The consensus requirements were developed with input from a wide range of training programs, clinical sites, and regulatory agencies. See the OHA Student Information Sheet for more details.

Required prior to FIRST day of the Pharmacy Technician Program (PHM courses):

  • Documentation of completion of a Criminal Background Check.
  • Documentation of completion of a 10-panel drug screen.
  • Documentation of completion of required immunizations.
    • The student must follow the college process on obtaining this information as listed on the Pharmacy Technician Website.  Students are responsible for the cost of providing these documents. 


WR 65, 75 or 95 or Placement into WR 121

Pass Computer Competency or CIS 120 

Online Orientation must be completed prior to registration (See: Online Orientation information)

MTH 95      

*May vary between partner schools

Students must provide verification that the prerequisite courses or competencies have been completed. All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better. Students enrolled in these courses during the summer term, must also achieve a final grade of “C” or better in order to begin the program.

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