Nursing Program

Central Oregon Community College's Nursing Program is accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing to provide students with the academic and clinical preparation necessary to sit for state and national licensure exams upon completion of the program.

The Nursing Program provides a career ladder with exit points at the Nursing Assistant, Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse levels. In addition, students who complete the RN, AAS degree may then complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing online in cooperation with Linfield College or Oregon Health Sciences University. Alternatively, students may complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Nursing Preparation degree to prepare for application directly to many of the Oregon Universities that offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

    Practical and Registered Nurse

    • Registered Nurse (RN) Program - for students who would like to earn their Practical Nurse Certification and/or Registered Nurse, Associates of Applied Science

    Nursing Student Profiles

    Adrienne Coon
    COCC Nursing Student

    Student Profile - Adrienne  

    I have had an interest in medicine since I was very young. Life took me in a different direction for a bit, but after a family member passed away, I started exploring the nursing field. I was immediately impressed with the good reviews I heard about the program – not just from other students, but the community as a whole. When I decided to apply, I received praise and support from friends and strangers alike. It made me feel confident in my decision to pursue a degree in Nursing from COCC.

    I enjoy so many things about the program! I was impressed with how quickly we were participating in clinicals at the hospital and putting our skills to use. Also, the faculty are great and really accessible; I’ve utilized almost everyone for guidance at some point. Mostly, I enjoy the nursing class. I feel like we have a great camaraderie; everyone is happy and willing to help one another.

    I appreciate the nursing staff and how much they legitimately care about the students. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with each instructor for various reasons, and I always felt welcomed. Whether discussing lecture material or future career opportunities, the instructors are one of my greatest allies in the nursing program.

    I thought when I entered the program, I would be more enthralled with the crazy cases I would get to see. I knew I would obviously be working in a personal, intense atmosphere with patients, but that part did not register much with me. I have found the opposite to be true, though. In the short time I have been in the program, I have been amazed and humbled by the conversations and connections I’ve made with patients. I personally believe it speaks so much to the human connection that we all share. It is that notion that inspires me to work harder, study longer, and absorb everything I can in this short time to become a good nurse.

    As of right now, I see myself working in an acute care setting. I enjoy the intensity and fast-paced nature of the hospital atmosphere. However, I am doing my best to stay open to the process and explore different options while I am in the program. I am very interested in internal medicine; however, I find it all fascinating at this point! I think that is what is so exciting about the nursing field: there is an avenue for everyone’s interests.

    Nathan Egbert
    COCC Nursing Student

    Student Profile - Nathan

    After high school I rejected the thought of going to college like many young graduates and began working, hoping to find a passion. Along this path, I worked many jobs gaining experience in many trades of construction and customer service. However, it wasn’t until I received a position at a medical clinic that made it all come together. I discovered how much I loved working with people, my fascination with the human body, and medicine.

    Counter intuitive of most thought processes, my favorite part about the program was how hard it was to be accepted. I worked tirelessly over two years to make my dream a reality, and it makes me even more proud when people in the community acknowledge the dedication it took to be a part of this program. Completing the program, I discovered the experience has been everything and more than I had dreamed of. I like the difficulty, and how it constantly forces me to elevate to another level of academic performance. Though the program is very intense with many critical concepts and skills to learn, it is concise and well organized.

    On my first day, I had the privilege of meeting individuals that are more dedicated to their job than anyone I’ve met; our team of instructors. What impressed me the most, was their passion but also their ability to laugh with us and cry with us. They genuinely listen to our concerns and will make changes if they’re able. They take on this daunting task every year of teaching forty eight stressed out students for nine months with a smile. Hats off to you ladies.

    Being a nurse will give me the fulfillment and daily stimulation that no other job or career can. It encompasses all of the things that I had enjoyed about my slew of previous positions. It won’t feel like a job for me. I look forward to clinical the same way that I look forward to any of my other hobbies. I undoubtedly love it.

    When considering the area of nursing where I wish to work, I believe the answer goes along with where I am as a maturing Nurse. As of now, I would like to either work on the medical floor or in the O.R. Later down the road in life, I’d like to pursue psychiatric nurse practitioner. I want to assist in guiding the teen demographic through their challenges.

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