Nursing Assistant Level 1

If interested in registering for the Nursing Assistant Program, please contact the Program Director at or 541-383-7280.

Nursing 103

The course covers basic nursing assistant level one care and effective communication skills for clients in acute and long-term care facilities.  Issues of confidentiality, client rights and role of the nursing assistant are discussed.

Upon successful completion of the course, students are eligible to sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing-sanctioned Nursing Assistant Level 1 examination.

New Oregon Health Authority Law effective Summer 2014 term:

Beginning July 1, 2014, Oregon Health Authority requires health profession students to meet a universal set of standards prior to clinical training in Oregon. For most students, satisfying the requirements once will be sufficient for all subsequent clinical training. See the OHA Student Information Sheet for more details.

The letter of instruction with the code for accessing VCI services is hyperlinked. Download to your computer and follow the instructions carefully. Go to  set up your profile and access your account. The deadline for initiating your criminal history check and completing your urine drug screen is Friday, June 2oth.

Cost for VCI services:

  • Background check, drug test & Immunizations:  = $110.00
    • Drug Test only = $45.00
    • Immunizations  Only = $10.00
    • Drug Test  = $55.00

After setting your profile and providing payment to VCI, print your invoice. Bring the invoice to the Nursing Department Administrative Assistant on the 3rd floor of the Health Careers Center. She will give you a voucher to take to the lab to complete your urine drug screen. The lab will not do the screening unless you give them your voucher. 

  • Drug Screen Lab:

Business Health Resources Inc
2248 NE Division Street
Bend OR 97703
Ph 541-330-8408

Criminal Background

 A history of criminal conviction may prohibit a student from entering the nursing profession.  Students with a conviction history should investigate their personal status prior to registering for Nursing 95.  See Related Links for more information.

Drug Screening

All students will undergo drug screening with the vendor approved by Central Oregon Community College, prior to entrance into the Nursing Assistant Programs. Students will be administratively withdrawn from the program and the seat given to an alternate student, if the required drug screening is not initiated with the specified vendor, by the due date indicated in the Nursing Assistant Programs Pre-registration packet. Students with a positive a urine drug screen that prevent them from attending clinical will be disqualified from the Nursing Assistant Programs at Central Oregon Community College, with the exception of certain prescribed medications. The Nursing Assistant Programs Director will notify the student of positive drug screens and their resulting disqualification from the Nursing Assistant Program. Students have a right to appeal the decision.

Registration Steps

To register for the course, students must complete the following steps:

1.  Apply for admission to COCC (if not already enrolled).  Information is available at Getting Started at COCC

2.  Print out and carefully read the Pre-Registration Approval Pack for the term you wish to register for - see Related Links

3.  Obtain Departmental Clearance to Register by turning in the signed copy of the Pre-Registration Approval Pack prior to the start of registration.  Allow 3 business days for processing.

4.  Verify Departmental Clearance for Nursing 95 is visible on your Can I Register? page in your Bobcat Web Account prior to the start of registration.

5.  Verify that you have fulfilled your COCC Advising requirement, and your advising hold has been removed on your Can I Register? page.

6.  Registration for students with Departmental Clearance is first-come, first-served, as determined by the COCC Priority Registration Schedule which is available on the  How To Register web page.  Departmental Clearance does not guarantee a spot in the class.  You may attempt to register on your assigned registration date and time, which is available on your Can I Register? page.

7.  If successfully registered in the class, submit all documentation by required deadlines as listed in the Pre-Registration Approval Pack.

8.  If waitlisted in the class

  • watch your COCC Email for notification of being tranferred from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available
  • If I am moved to registered from the waitlist before the indicated documentation due date I must meet that deadline; if I am moved to registered after the indicated due date, I understand that I will have one week from the date I am registered to turn in all required documentation. 

9.  If you have not been moved off the waitlist and into the class before the term starts, you may still attend class the first day to see if any spots have become available at the last minute.


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