COVID-19 Response and Reopening

COVID-19 Daily Self-Check

Working together, COCC students, employees, and visitors can mitigate the spread of the coronavirus on campus through daily symptom self-checks. A daily self-check, coupled with several other measures including the use of face masks, physical distancing, and personal hygiene, helps keep our campuses safe and healthy.  

Before you begin:

This self-assessment tool is not meant to take the place of consultation with your health care provider or to diagnose/treat conditions. If you're in an emergency medical situation, call 911.

Daily Self-Check Health Assessment (Access a printable PDF version of the Self-Check)

  1. In the last 48 hours, have you experienced any of the following symptoms that are unrelated to a known preexisting medical condition(s)?
    • Fever of over 100F
    • Chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea

    YES / NO

  2. Within the past 14 days, have you been in close physical contact (6 feet or closer for at least 15 minutes) with anyone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19?

    YES / NO

  3. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told you to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19 infection? This includes if you are waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test that was recommended by a medical professional.

    YES / NO

Did you answer NO to ALL questions? Please proceed to campus. Thank you for helping the COCC community stay healthy.

Did you answer YES to one or more of these questions? Please remain at your place of residence and contact your primary healthcare provider right away. They will be able to help determine when it is safe for you to return to campus. Thank you for helping the COCC community stay healthy.

*this assessment is derived from the CDC and Mayo Clinic COVID-19 self-assessment tools