COVID-19 Response and Reopening

COVID-19 Continuing Education

What will Continuing Education courses look like in the Spring term?

Continuing Education is offering online, hybrid, and in-person courses this Spring term. We will be following current COCC COVID-19 policies and procedures based on Oregon Health Authority and CDC guidelines for in-person courses. Our online courses include both online live (typically offered in a Zoom or WebEx format) and online self-paced (offered through our partnerships with Ed2Go and MindEdge). Students may view course requirements, including technology specific to each individual course, on our online course listings.

Students who enroll in online live courses will enjoy the opportunity to learn with local instructors at a pre-determined time in the comfort of their own environment. Online self-paced courses are available according to a student's own schedule rather than at a pre-determined time. Hybrid courses are a combination of in-person (in the classroom) and online. 

Students can contact Continuing Education at 541.383.7270 or

What has changed at the Small Business Development Center? What should I expect?

COCC's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is open; we are offering both remote and in-person options. Confidential business advising continues to be available at no charge, and advisers can connect with you via phone or video conferencing. In-person business advising can also be arranged at the discretion of the adviser and the client, with appropriate safety measures in place. If you'd like to make a business advising appointment, the fastest way to get the necessary details on file so that our center can advise you at no charge would be to visit our 'Register For Counseling' page. As soon as we receive your online request, we will make sure to reach out!

If you are looking for business-related classes through the SBDC, we are offering a mix of online and in-person classes. You can see the list of available SBDC classes here. And, of course, feel free to reach out by calling 541.383.7290 or emailing

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