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Classes and Learning Options

Classes and Learning Options

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For 2021 Winter and Spring terms, COCC plans to offer some in-person instruction at all campuses, along with online, remote, and hybrid options for students.

The Credit Class Schedule will help you navigate the delivery method.

Key definitions to keep in mind:

Synchronous – Instruction and learning occurs at a scheduled time either in-person or on computer.

Asynchronous – Instruction and learning does not occur at the same location or at the same time.

Delivery Methods (listed under "Campus" in schedule search results) include the following options. Please note that students will likely be required to access assignments on computer in any of these options.

IN-PERSON - Synchronous class with all course instruction delivered in person. Students will attend class at a specified location at specified times.  

REMOTE - Synchronous class with all course instruction delivered remotely (usually via Zoom). Students will attend class sessions remotely at specified times.

ONLINE - Asynchronous class with all course instruction delivered virtually (usually via BlackBoard) with no requirements for a student to attend class at a specified time.

IN-PERSON/ONLINE - Mix of synchronous and asynchronous delivery with the asynchronous portion of course instruction delivered online (usually via Blackboard). Students will also attend class sessions at a specified location at specified times.

REMOTE/ONLINE - Mix of synchronous and asynchronous delivery with the asynchronous portion of course instruction delivered online (usually via BlackBoard). Students will also attend class sessions remotely at specified times (usually via Zoom).

REMOTE/IN-PERSON - Synchronous class that is a mix of in-person and remote. Students will attend class at specified times, sometime remotely (usually via Zoom) and sometimes at a specified location.

SPECIAL - Mix of two or more types of instructional delivery and does not fit into any of the defined categories. Information on the specific blend of instructional delivery modes is included on the class schedule in the course title column.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question from the FAQs below? Please contact:

Can I receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

For all COVID-19 vaccine-related queries, please visit Deschutes County COVID-19 Vaccine Information. For now, Central Oregon COVID-19 vaccinations are centrally coordinated and administered for Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson Counties by St. Charles Health System at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center in Redmond. If you do not find the information you are looking for at the website linked to above, please email your query to

Does the College have a policy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine?

In January 2021, the College's Reopening Task Force convened a COVID-19 vaccination subcommittee to outline the College's philosophy and priority action items regarding vaccination policies and planning. This subcommittee will provide regular updates to the College community.

How will Winter and Spring term classes be different?

Winter and Spring term classes will be taught in a variety of formats, including online, hybrid, remote, and in-person (to see the differences between each type of class, go to the COCC Class Schedule and select "Spring 2021" in the term drop-down menu). In-person lectures will be held in classrooms in which sufficient physical distancing between students and instructors can be maintained. Additionally, classes are scheduled with 30 minutes between each class, where possible. This will allow the College to clean rooms between classes. 

Some classes and programs require significant interaction between instructors and students (for example: science labs, medical assisting, aviation). Each department is creating health and safety measures specific to their program. This information will be shared with registered students prior to the start of classes.

Is Wickiup Residence Hall going to be open for Winter or Spring terms?

Winter/Spring 2021: Due to COVID-19, Wickiup Residence Hall is closed and COCC is not offering on-campus housing.

Fall 2021: The College plans to open Wickiup Residence Hall for the Fall 2021 term, and we are how accepting 2021-22 Housing Applications. We will continue to follow county and state health guidance, and we will provide COVID-19-specific protocols and information to potential residents as the year progresses.

Please contact the Housing Office at 541.383.7545 or email with questions about deferrals, refunds, and alternate housing options, as well as housing in future terms.


What should I do if I'm feeling sick?

Please review COCC's COVID-19 Health Information.

Do I have to wear my mask during my in-person class, and can I take my mask off to eat during class?

Students are required to wear a mask whenever they are indoors, including during all in-person classes. Read COCC's Face Mask policy. Students are generally not permitted to remove their face mask during in-person class for any reason, including for the purpose of eating. If a student needs to eat, they should leave the classroom to do so.

How will I take my classes if I'm forced to isolate due to possible exposure?

Please reach out to your instructor to inform them if you are unable to attend class because a local public health authority has alerted you to your possible COVID-19 exposure.

If a student or instructor in an in-person class were to test positive for COVID-19, the entire class would move to remote delivery for two weeks (14 calendar days).

If, however, the student was exposed outside of class, then the in-person class would continue to be delivered in person and the instructor would work with the exposed student. This could include recording of class, providing class notes, etc. Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 should remain at their place of residence for at least 10 days after illness onset and 72 hours after fever is gone—without use of fever-reducing medicine—and other symptoms are improving. Any faculty, staff, or student known to have been exposed to COVID-19 within the preceding 14 days should stay in their place of residence, contact their primary care provider, and follow instructions from the local health department.

Will I be given extensions on my coursework if I miss class while sick/recovering from the virus?

Your instructor will work with you to accommodate work missed while you are affected by the virus. This will generally mean an extension, but may include other options. Please communicate with your instructor(s) right away if you must miss class due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure so that they are aware, and so that new due dates can be agreed upon by the instructor/student depending on the severity and duration of the illness. If after all other options have been exhausted, the student may receive an "Incomplete," and work will be completed later as agreed upon by the instructor and student. Documentation may be required.

What happens if my instructor gets sick and cannot continue to teach my class?

Your instructors and Department Chair will develop contingency plans to ensure the continuity of course delivery. The new plan will be conveyed to you via email and/or Blackboard.

What do I do if an instructor is not following the COCC COVID-19 Health and Safety Reopening Guidelines?

All the guidelines are based on current data to reduce transmission and promote community health and safety. Faculty are expected to adhere to guidelines personally and facilitate student adherence to protocols. If a student feels comfortable, they should communicate directly with their instructor. Alternatively, the student can reach out to the appropriate Department Chair regarding any potential issues in compliance with approved guidelines. If you are not comfortable communicating with the Department Chair, contact another faculty member or the appropriate Instructional Dean.

Is there a course attendance requirement? How does this work with remote classes?

Under federal financial aid regulations, COCC is required to have an attendance policy. To maintain enrollment in your in-person or remote class, you must attend all of your first week's class and lab meetings. Taking an online or hybrid class? Follow the attendance requirement outlined in your syllabus.

Will online course fees apply to my classes?

COCC's online course fee ($10/credit) applies to any course designated as "online" in the Credit Class Schedule for Winter and Spring terms.

How do I pay my bill? 

In-person bill pay is not currently available on campus. Students who are unable to pay online or over the phone can mail a check or money order. Payment options and mailing address are available on the Tuition, Fees, and Payments website

If I am using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® and my classes are not in-person, will my BAH housing payment be reduced?

For Winter and Spring terms, students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® will continue to receive their standard housing rate as long as at least one course is remote, hybrid, or converted to online from an in-person course. See law S. 3503; provisions have been extended until Dec. 21. For questions please contact or call 541-383-7264. As a reminder, please remember to request certification for Winter and Spring terms if you have not already done so.

Are the computer labs open?

Yes. Please see Computer Labs or more information.

Remote and online learning is new to me: Where can I get help?

COCC recognizes that offering classes remotely or online may be new for many of you. Please visit eLearning for information and training materials on the resources and tools needed to successfully learn through a variety of remote learning options. 

I do not have a computer at home. Does COCC have resources available?

Yes, COCC has drop-in computer labs open on all four COCC Campuses: Bend - Pioneer Hall, Redmond - Building 3, Room 324, Madras 120, and Prineville 114. Please read the Computer Labs reopening information page for more details.

Students may also be eligible for an emergency loan, which can be used toward the purchase of a computer.

I don't have enough money to pay for childcare, internet service, and other needs. How can I get help?

COCC has several resources to help students with financial challenges. If you have not yet done so, apply for Financial Aid. You can also access a variety of other resources by visiting the Student Life resources page

How do I meet with my advisor?

New Students: Students can schedule a remote advising appointment (phone or Zoom) after completing Bobcat Welcome and placement. Call CAP Services at 541.383.7200 to schedule your appointment. 

Returning Students: Contact a faculty advisor to schedule an appointment. If they are not available, call CAP Services at 541.383.7200 to schedule an appointment with a CAP Services advisor. 

How will personal counseling be different?

While we are not all in the same physical location, we are still a community, and COCC is here to help. Personal counselors are available for appointments remotely via Zoom or phone. All counseling appointments are scheduled as soon as possible given each student's availability, concerns, and resources. Please see CAP Services – Personal Counseling for details or call 541.383.7200 to schedule an appointment. 

For 2021 Winter and Spring terms, how do I order books and supplies?

Please visit the Bookstore's reopening webpage to learn about the Bookstore's available services.

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