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CEED: Rekindling the American Dream

Woman at ComputerBy Eric Speith, Assistant Professor of General Business

The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Development(CEED) is COCCs answer to the national focus on entrepreneurship as the basisfor rekindling the American Dream. Entrepreneurship is the empowerment of individuals to build on theirpassions, interests and experience by creating their own businesses. CEED will assist anyone to do just that.

CEED will launch its inaugural program in the new Redmond Technology Education Centerbeginning fall term 2014. The program is designed for community members and studentswho have the desire to bring a business from idea to launch. There are noprerequisites and no previous business knowledge or experience is necessary.

Testing and refinement of the curriculum over the last twoyears resulted in a two term (20 week) immersive program comprised of thefollowing sequence of classes:

  1. BusinessModeling
  2. BusinessIntelligence
  3. StrategicMarketing
  4. StrategicManagement
  5. EntrepreneurialFinance
  6. Presentingto Win

Participants will explore their own business ideas fromconcept to launch and graduate with a comprehensive investment-ready businessplan and the knowledge and communication skills necessary to critically defendand support their strategies and decisions. The program is student-driven,applied and experiential, emphasizing practical productivity.

In addition to the six-course two-term short program, CEED alsooffers a Certificate in New Venture Creation (51 credits) and an AAS inEntrepreneurial Management (94 Credits).

The CEED space itself exemplifies the content; these will beno ordinary classrooms. Instead, expect to see an ideation/product development labwith floor to ceiling whiteboards, a fourteen-seat conference room, breakoutrooms for incubation and acceleration and finally a great room with no fixedseating, everything is on wheels to stimulate flexibility and creativity.

There will be no textbooks, no PowerPoints and no finals.Just lots of hard work, the outcome is up to you.

Center for Entrepreneurship Excellence and Economic Development