COCC Logos for Print and Web

COCC logos for download in common graphic image formats.
The image files below can to be downloaded to your computer hard drive and used for your publications. You may want to create a logo folder in convenient location on your computer so you can save the logos and use for future projects. To download images, simply right-click on the links and choose "Save target as" to start the download process (Mac users Ctrl click). EPS, BMP and Adobe Illustrator files have been placed in a zipped folder, so you will need to extract the file after you download it.

These are official COCC logos. Additional graphics area available for  COCC Redmond logos and Community Learning logos .

Also see COCC graphic standards and logo usage guides.

COCC Logo - Blue
COCC Logo Blue - EPS (Zip file - CMYK)
COCC Logo Blue - AI (Zip file - CMYK)
COCC Logo Blue - PDF
COCC Logo Blue - JPG (Print Use - MS Word, Publisher etc.)
COCC Logo Blue - Gif (Web Use
COCC Logo Blue - PNG (Web - transparent background)


COCC Logo - Grayscale
COCC Logo Gray - EPS (Zip)
COCC Logo Gray - AI (Zip)
COCC Logo Gray - PDF
COCC Logo Gray - JPG (Print Use - MS Word, Publisher etc.)
COCC Logo Gray - Gif (Web Use)


COCC Logo - Black
COCC Logo Black - EPS (Zip)
COCC Logo Black - AI (Zip)
COCC Logo Black - PDF
COCC Logo Black - JPG (Print Use- MS Word, Publisher etc.)
COCC Logo Black - Gif (Web Use)


COCC Logo Symbol Blue
COCC Logo Symbol CMYK - EPS (Zip)
COCC Logo Symbol CMYK - AI (Zip)
COCC Logo Symbol - PDF
COCC Logo Symbol (Print Use - MS Word, Publisher etc.)
COCC Logo Symbol - Gif (Web Use)
COCC Logo Blue - PNG (Web - transparent background)


COCC CMYK and Pantone Color Information
COCC CMYK Color Swatch - Dark BlueDark Blue
CMYK > 71 / 30 / 13 / 41
PMS (coated stock) > 5405c
PMS (uncoated stock) > 5415u

COCC CMYK Color Swatch- Light blueLight Blue
CMYK > 40 / 16 / 01 / 02
PMS (coated stock) > 5405c > 35% screen
PMS (uncoated stock) > 5415u > 35% screen

COCC CMYK Color Swatch - GrayGray
CMYK > 38 / 29 / 20 / 58
PMS (coated stock) > Cool Gray 10c
PMS (uncoated stock) > Cool Gray 10u


For other file formats including 2 color versions, please contact Aimee Metcalf in College Relations at (541) 383-7214 or by email

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