Quiet Study Space

We welcome additional input. Please email Tina Hovekamp, thovekamp@cocc.edu, with your comments and suggestions.

In Spring 2010 and 2011, we asked you, the students, what you use the Library for and what kinds of space you wanted the most. You told us that you use the library both to study alone and to meet classmates for group work. The areas you liked the most were the quiet study areas, the study rooms, and the main computer area. You wanted both more group study areas and quiet study areas. Many of you asked for quieter quiet areas. We heard you, and we want to let you know what we've done. We always welcome your comments about how we could improve even more. Contact Tina Hovekamp at thovekamp@cocc.edu or 541-383-7295.

Quiet Space

There are challenges in keeping a building of this size and design quiet. The Library building houses classrooms, office space, meeting rooms, a computer lab, the CAP Center, and the Testing and Tutoring departments. The variety of uses keeps a steady stream of traffic flowing throughout the building and brings in students pursuing many different purposes at any one time. Architecturally, the Library is very open. The high ceilings and open floor plan that make the Library an attractive, comfortable and well-lit space also present a challenge to maintaining quiet. Still, we realize that students also need a quiet place to study and concentrate. To meet that need, we have done the following:

The second floor is the designated quiet study space.

  • No cell phone use is allowed, except for texting. All ringers and other noises should be silenced. Even phones set to vibrate mode can disturb other students.
  • Group work is allowed only in the group study rooms or Oregon rooms with doors closed. These rooms are not soundproof. Keep voices down both in the room and while traveling to and from the room to avoid disturbing those studying in the quiet areas near you.
  • Let us know if it’s too noisy. Library staff at the Reference or Circulation desks are happy to address noise issues.
  • You can also request a free pair of earplugs at the circulation desk. (Available while supplies last; limited to one pair per person, per visit.)

Quiet Study Area

Work Area

The information commons area on the main floor of the Library is a work area – both for computer work and for group work. Librarians and Library staff also provide reference and research assistance in this area, which requires talking and activity. Do not expect this area to be perfectly quiet. At the same time, we ask you to be respectful of the students working around you. Please silence your cell phone ringer and keep your headphones low in volume in this area.

If you need to make or take a phone call, move outside or to one of the designated phone zones (marked by the red phone booth signs) located on the main floor by the enclosed side entrance vestibule or the alcove by the elevator doors.

The Library rotunda is not a good space for cell phone use. Noise from cell phone conversations in this area carries into the quiet space upstairs and back into the main area. Everyone in the Library will hear your conversation.