Library Classes

You should take one of our classes! It'll help you in every single college class you'll ever take, whether at COCC or at another institution. It'll also help you in your career and day-to-day life.

But, don't just take it from us; here's what your fellow students have to say about our Lib 127 course:

"I believe this class should be a requirement for all students because it was such a learning experience for me, and I could have used the information earlier in my college career."

"I did not know anything about how to search, where to search, or even how to come up with topics before this class. Now I am very confident that I can do all of these things now."

"In our digital age, this course is invaluable to anyone who pursues higher education at a university level or even in professional jobs. The content of the course is highly valuable in our world today."

"I always believed I was effective in my searches, but this class has blown my mind."

"Thanks for making the library a wonderful world of information. Being an older student at COCC, I probably wouldn't have gone to the seemed intimidating. But, during this course, each time I was on campus, I made sure to spend time there doing research, relaxing out of the cold, reading cool magazines I wouldn't have access to. I wouldn't have checked out books I have read.  And, most of all, I wouldn't have really known how to access the information that is available through the Barber Library."

Ready to sign up? Here's more information about these courses:

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Lib 127
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