LIB 227


This course familiarizes you with the wider world of information and research. You will learn about various issues related to the information society and the world of research. Specifically, the course addresses the impact of information in our lives; the life cycle and characteristics of information across various publication formats; the use and selection of information tools based on the nature of research need; the explosion and implications of technology; and the ethical issues in the use of information, with specific reference to issues of plagiarism and proper citation.


Lib 227 Outcomes

The student who successfully completes LIB 227 will...

  • Describe the difference between information and knowledge, the various characteristics of information, and the implications of living in an 'information society
  • Explain the nature of information cycle and how this is reflected in the way information progresses in the publishing world
  • Identify appropriate research tools or resources based on specific research objectives
  • Define Web 2.0 and social networking, as well as explain and analyze trends and implications of living in a social networking environment
  • Define and identify issues of plagiarism along with the need to cite sources using the appropriate citation guidelines.