Getting Started with Zotero in 3 Easy Steps

Note: Zotero works best with Firefox, though it is possible to use it with Chrome and Safari as well.

Want hands-on practice? Download the Zotero Guided Practice handout and use these links to work through the activities.

  1. Download Zotero Standalone and the browser extension(s) of your choice, depending on which browser(s) you use most often. The standalone version includes plug-ins for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer, which will come in handy later.
  2. Set up a user account. This will enable you to sync your work across computers.
  3. Start using Zotero to save citations! See quick tips for getting started with saving citations.

Once you’re familiar with the basic use of Zotero, you may want to check out these more advanced features.

Organizing and Using Your Resources

Collaborating and Going Mobile

Trouble? Questions?

"Getting Started with Zotero in 3 Easy Steps" and the Zotero Guided Practice handout are licensed under CC BY 4.0