The Library offers access to hundreds of thousands of e-books. e-Books are conveniently accessible to COCC students, faculty and staff 24/7, anywhere an Internet connection is available. You can find all of the e-books we offer by searching our Library catalog.

e-Books FAQs

I clicked on the link to an e-book in the library catalog, but I'm not sure what to do next. How do I actually read the book?
We buy or subscribe to e-books from several different providers, and each provider's platform (the look and functionality of their web pages) is a little different. Generally, though, they all let you view the contents of the book on your computer screen, as well as look at the table of contents or index to find information within the e-book (just as you could with a print book). Look for a "Read Online" or "Read Now" button to get started.

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This book is on our EBL platform.
ebl ebook
This e-book is on our Safari Tech Books platform. In addition to reading the book and viewing the table of contents, it also lets you search within an individual book title.
Safari eBook
This book is on our EBSCO eBooks platform.
ebsco ebook

How do I print, save, or download an e-book? What about transferring it to an e-reader or tablet?
This varies by the platform via which you have accessed the e-book. Generally speaking, you will not be able to print or save a copy of the entire e-book. You can sometimes download a copy of the e-book for a limited time period, much like a traditional library checkout of a print item. Below is a chart with answers for each vendor's platform.

Downloading/Transferring to e-reader or tablet
 EBL Limited to portion of total pages
Not allowed

Download for 1- or 7-day checkout using the "Download" tab on the left of the screen.  

Adobe Digital Editions (free) required for download.
For transferring to a mobile device, use the BlueFire Reader for iOS or Android.

ebrary 30% of total pages for most titles 30% of total pages for most titles

Download for 13-day checkout.

Instructions for downloading on PC or laptop OR instructions for downloading to a mobile device

Adobe Digital Editions (free) required for download.
For transferring to a mobile device, use the BlueFire Reader for iOS or Android.

Safari Tech Books
Can print individual pages only
Not allowed
Not downloadable or transferrable
Up to 60 pages
Not allowed
Not downloadable or transferrable

I want an e-book that the COCC Library doesn't have. Can I borrow it from another Library?
Unfortunately, e-books cannot be borrowed through our Summit or InterLibrary Loan (ILL) borrowing systems the way physical materials can. Depending on the e-book title, though, we can sometimes borrow a print copy of it through Summit or ILL, if you have the time to wait for physical item delivery.

I found an e-book in the Library catalog that says "Kindle eBook." Can I download this on my Kindle?
The COCC Library's Kindle e-books are not downloads but are connected to our Library Kindles. If you want to read one of our Kindle e-books, you can check out one of our Kindle e-readers. If you're looking for fun reads that you can download onto your own e-reading device, check out the Deschutes Public Library's Digital Downloads titles. (You will need a current Deschutes Public Library card to use this service).