Films on Demand Help - Faculty

Are you a student who needs help watching Films on Demand? Go to our Films on Demand help page for students.

If you're on campus, Internet Explorer works best for Films on Demand. If you're using Firefox and seeing a black box where the video should be, use Internet Explorer. If you're having problems watching films, you may find our Films on Demand troubleshooting page helpful.

Embed Films on Demand in Blackboard
Link to Films on Demand
Create a Personal Account

Embed a Films on Demand video in Blackboard

  1. Find the film or film segment to which you want to link.

  2. Just below the video player, you'll see light gray text that says "Embed this Video." (outlined in red in the image below) Click on this text.

  3. Copy the code that opens below the video. (highlighted in yellow in the image below)

    Films on Demand embedding

  4. Go to Blackboard and create a new Item in one of your content areas.

    blackboard create item

  5. In the Blackboard editor, click on the icon labeled HTML (highlighted in yellow below). If you don't see this icon right away, you may need to click on the double arrow on the far right side of the editor screen to see more options.

    blackboard html editor

  6. Paste the code you copied into the HTML code view window that pops up. Click Update in the code editing window. Then, click the blue Submit button in your item creation editor.

    Films on Demand embed

  7. Voila! You should see a Films on Demand video embedded in your Blackboard course.

    embedded Films on Demand

When students are on-campus, they do not need to log in to watch a Films on Demand. Students off-campus still have access to Films on Demand, but they need to log in via the Library using their student ID # and last name, even if you're putting the link in Blackboard. For students to get the correct login screen, the link needs to be formatted a certain way.

  1. Find the film or film segment to which you want to link.

  2. Beneath the video and its description, you’ll see a box labeled “Title URL.” (red-outlined area in image below)

  3. Copy and paste that URL into Blackboard to link to the video or video segment you want your students to watch.

  4. Films on Demand Linking

  5. The "" in the URL above is necessary for your students to be able to log-in from off-campus. If you just copy the URL from your browser’s address bar, the log-in part of the URL isn’t automatically included and off-campus students won’t be able to access the film.

  6. As long as the log-in code is in the URL, off-campus students will have access to the Films on Demand film from anywhere. They will just see a COCC-branded screen that asks them for their last name and ID number.

    • If the students - or you - see any other login screen, there is an error, and students will not be able to access the links off-campus. Contact the library for help.

    Proxy Log-in screen

Create a Personal Account

First, neither faculty nor students need a personal account to use Films on Demand. If you are seeing a Films on Demand login screen instead of the Library login screen or are having other troubles logging in or watching videos, contact the Library for help. As long as you see "Central Oregon Community College" across the top of the Films on Demand screen (highlighted yellow in image below), you are logged into our institutional account.

Why create a personal account, then?

A personal account allows you - within our institutional account - to access the following features:

  • Playlists: create custom playlists
  • Favorites: save favorite videos to be available whenever and wherever you log in
  • Organize videos: create folders to organize playlists and favorites
  • Set your own preferences for searching and closed captioning

To create a personal account, click on the "Create Account" link at the top right of the screen (outlined in red in the image below). After creating an account, click on the "Sign In" link in the same location to access your account.

Films on Demand account

If you need help linking to Films on Demand (or any of our library resources!) or using the embed code in Films on Demand, contact us.