Computers in the Library

The Barber Library has over 50 computers, including standard PCs for academic research and production; 6 stand-up express stations for quick access to library resources, email, and printing; and 1 iMac with advanced multimedia software. Computers are located in the Information Commons on the main floor and in most of our group study rooms. The Library also has an easy-to-use, self-service scanning station where you can scan items and email, print, or save them directly from the scanning station. All computers and scanners in the Library print to a standard campus print station, also located in the Library. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy that applies to all Library computers.

You can also check out a laptop for use within the Library.

Software Available on Library Computers

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Oregon Topographic Maps: Terrain Navigator Network 8.5.1
  • Hawkes Math software (access code required)
  • Two computers at Barber Library contain Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat X Pro. Both are located on the first floor, near the Periodicals.

Internet access for laptops


Wireless Internet access is available throughout the Library. COCC students and other registered users can log into the Campus Wireless network. Visitors can use the Open Community Network without log-in credentials. For more information please refer to the Wireless Network page provided by COCC's IT department. Wireless printing is available, too, using the standard campus print stations (see "Printing," below).


The library also has a limited number of Ethernet ports available for accessing the Internet. One port is in the front lounge on the main floor (the room past the browsing books and periodicals). The wall port is marked with a label. The other port is in a carrell on the second floor, near the elevator. It is marked with a white sign on top of the carrell.


For instructions printing at Barber Library, see Printing at the Library.

Visitors and Community Patrons

Visitors and community patrons wishing to use a computer in the Library can request a temporary account or obtain a community card. More information about these options can be found on our Visitors and Community Patrons page.