Help Citing Sources

Note: In 2016 the Modern Language Association (MLA) released the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook. Some of the resources below still use the 7th edition. If your instructors specify MLA style for your papers, ask which edition they prefer.

APA & MLA Style Guides - General

The Purdue OWL: Research and Citation
Start here! From The Writing Lab at Purdue University, this Online Writing Lab (OWL) site helps you cite your sources, format your papers correctly, and even answers common questions about in-text citations. Covers APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles.  

The Writer's Handbook
From the Writing Center at the The University of Wisconsin - Madison, this site covers the mechanics of writing academic papers, including how to format your paper and cite your sources in a variety of styles (APA, MLA, etc.).

Works Cited: A Quick Guide
This tutorial by the Modern Language Association illustrates the core elements of citations and the concept of containers in the 8th edition of MLA style. Download the practice template at the end to use as a guide for your works-cited lists.

Automatic Citation Builders

A word of caution: these automatic tools are not error-proof. You are responsible for the final product. Always double check automatically generated citations and references for correct formatting (capitalization, punctuation, placement of elements, etc.).

Citation Builder
From the University of North Carolina, the Citation Builder tool helps you build citations. You choose your source type and citation style and enter your source information into a form, and the tool formats the citation for you.

From the Hekman Library at Calvin College, KnightCite helps you build citations. Choose your citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago) and your resource type, then enter your resource information into the form. The tool will format the citation for you.

OttoBib creates citations for books. Simply enter the ISBN of the book you wish to cite, select your citation style, and OttoBib creates a citation for you. MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles available.

OSLIS Citation Maker
Use this tool from the Oregon School Library Information System to create a works cited or reference page that follows the MLA 8th edition or the APA 6th edition citation guidelines.

Citation Management Software

Do you see a lot of research, writing, and citing in your academic future? If so, citation management software is for you! Citation management software goes beyond simple citation creation and helps you organize and store your research, as well as create citations and your works cited page. 

Zotero is free citation management software that integrates with your browser for easy saving and organization of your research sources. When you're ready to write, Zotero also integrates with Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice Writer to make creating your in-text citations and works cited/bibliography page more efficient. With a Zotero account, you can always access your research, no matter what computer (or device) you're working on. You can even create shared libraries in Zotero for those times when you're working in a group. Brand new to Zotero and not sure where or how to start? Check out our Quick Start Guide!

Citing Made Easier Video Tutorial