Ektron and Aloha Training Videos

These videos are designed to help you use, navigate, and work with your web content. There is no sound with these videos.

**Please note that some videos may take a moment to load when you first open them and click the play button.

Logging In to Ektron - This video shows the basics of logging in to the Ektron system.


Using the Workarea - This video shows how to navigate to your content, create content, and edit content.

Coming Soon

Introduction to the Aloha Editor - This video show the basics of the Aloha web editor. This is the editor used to work with your content.


Edit your Office Hours - This video shows how to find and edit your office hours right on the web page (in context editing).

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Using the Library - This video shows how to add images, files, and links to your content.


Working with Images - This video shows how to add, manipulate, and style your images.


Working with Templates - This video shows how to insert layout templates into your content to allow it to display correctly on phones and tablets.


Working with Tables, Basic - This video shows how to insert and format tables to work with your tabular data. Tables are not to be used for layouts, use the templates instead.


Working with Tables, Advanced - This video shows how to get your tabular data to display on phones and tablets when the amount of data is to large for a basic table.


Editing in Context - This video shows the basic how-tos when editing on a web page, not in the Workarea.

Coming Soon

Working with Links - This video shows how to add links to your pages from both the COCC website, internal links, and from other websites, external links.


Working with Bookmarks - This video shows how to bookmarks on your page. A bookmark is a link on your page to another part of the page.