Office 365 FAQs

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Will there be a My Documents folder or will students need to log into Office 365 to access a My documents folder?

Answer: existing My Documents for COCC students will continue to operate as it does today so if students have files there, all is well and can be accessed. Office 365 has a document storage area called "my sites" where students can store and access documents in the Office 365 cloud environment. We may roll out My Sites as Phase II of the Office 365 implementation since it is completely new to students.


  1. If a student has an issue with their password, who will be resetting it? Will Marcia in the Pioneer Computer Lab still have that ability or will the student be able to do that?

Answer: COCC provides a Self Help Password Reset system. Visit the Student Login page on the COCC website to enroll. You may also contact Marcia in the computer lab if you need assistance.


  1. Will the Office 365 link into the Office Suite on home computers?

Answer: yes, it should if you have MS Office on your home machine. There is an instructional link on the Computer Lab 0365 site that gives info on the download needed called Sign-In Assistant  (plus info on how to set up Lync) - .


  1. Why are teachers not moving to this?

Answer: only students are moving to Office 365 at this time. There are many other considerations to moving staff/teachers to the 0365 environment so we are  not able to make that transition at this time. We are hoping that the student experience will prove to be very rewarding for the students.

5.  I am using Firefox and cannot see the "Send/Insert/Discard" buttons in my Office 365 email when I try to send an email message. What do I do?

Answer: If you are using Firefox browser and cannot see the "Send/Insert/Discard" buttons, the fix for is to use your keyboard and hold down the CTRL key and at the same time hold down the minus key to zoom out. This will allow you to see the missing items.


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