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Our mission is to foster health and wellness among all staff members through physical, mental, social, intellectual, environmental, and occupational health components.

Our goal with this centralized web site is to formalize our wellness program and bring all wellness related information and events to one location to foster better communication and staff participation. This site will also host a new Commuting site that will not only provide commute information and options, but will also provide a way for staff members to connect for commuting.

Both this web site and the wellness program are works in progress and we will look to everyone for ideas and information as we develop the program. These pages are constantly under construction because that's the best way to look at wellness...always a work in progress!

Please contact Rebecca Oprish if you have any feedback, ideas or would like to participate in the program. 

Check out our on campus Recreational Facilities and Schedules!

Staff Wellness - Frequently Asked Questions

As a benefited employee, your insurance provider offers many Health and Wellness opportunities! Just go to Moda Health and login to myModa to find a ton of information - here is a preview:

  • Cardiac Care Program
  • Health Coaching
  • Depression Care Program
  • Diabetes Care Program
  • Lifestyle Coaching Program
  • Women's Health and Maternity Care Program
  • Respiratory Care Program
  • Spine & Joint Care Program
  • Weight Care Program

Look here for offerings that comply with Healthy Futures!

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