Health Benefits 2017-18

Enrollment Information

NEW EMPLOYEES:   You will receive notification by E-mail from the Benefits Department after you have been added into the OEBB system as a district employee, then you are free to select your plans and enroll. Follow the directions in that email and thoroughly review this website to learn the benefits available to you.   After determining what plans you want, visit the MyOEBB Member Module to enroll.

MID YEAR CHANGES:  Changes to coverage may not be made mid-term unless employee's experience a "Qualified Status Change"   A Qualified Status Change is a change in work or family status that allows limited mid-year changes to benefit plans that effect eligibility for coverage. These changes are allowed outside of the annual open enrollment period. All changes must be reported to the educational entity within 31 days.  Please complete the Mid-Year change form and submit to the Benefits Department via e-mail or fax (541-923-8903).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

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BENEFITS: Plan Summaries, Rates, and Booklets

For the 2017-18 plan year, COCC will offer three traditional medical plans, one high-deductible HSA plan, three dental plans, and one vision plan.

Benefit Plans Summaries and Booklets are listed below to help make your decisions.

Full-Time - Rate Sheet        PT .75 FTE - Rate Sheet         PT .50 FTE - Rate Sheet        Retiree - Rate Sheet

Check out our Plan Calculation Tool! It will help you to identify what your monthly premium may be depending on the choices you make. This tool is to help all active staff. Rates may differ for retirees and employees who work less than 1.0 FTE.

Synergy or PPO, what's the difference?

The Synergy and Summit plans are based on a coordinated care model (CCM) using the more focused Synergy and Summit networks. While a statewide PPO plan uses the wider Connexus network and does not connect you to a specific clinic to manage your care.

When you choose a PPO plan, you can have lower out-of-pocket costs when you use any provider practicing within a Connexus Medical Home, but you do not need to select one specific Medical Home to coordinate your care.  

The Synergy and Summit plans do require you to select a Medical Home within the network and see providers within that Medical Home for all primary care services. Both the PPO plans and the Synergy/Summit plans have out-of-network benefits available, but you will be responsible for higher out-of-pocket costs when using out-of-network providers (and, on the Synergy and Summit plans, when seeking primary care outside your selected Medical Home).

Another benefit to Synergy and Summit plans is that premium costs are typically lower for these plans than for PPO plans using the statewide Connexus network.

Pharmacy - Value Tier Medications

Value tier medications include commonly prescribed products used to treat chronic medical conditions and preserve health. A list of value tier medications is available here or on the website.

Find a Provider

Use the Find Care tool on the Moda website to find a physician, dentist, pharmacist, or clinic. Use "Search as a Guest".


If you are enrolled in Moda Evergreen Medical Plan (The new health savings account plan), you will need to maintain an active HSA account through HSA Bank using the College Group enrollment link. You are required to submit an HSA Employee Contribution Form to Human Resources when you first enroll in the Plan and at the start of each new plan year thereafter.

Please contact Human Resources for the group enrollment link.  


Healthy Futures is a voluntary wellness program available to all OEBB subscribers enrolled in an OEBB medical plan.   OEBB subscribers who choose to participate in Healthy Futures program will receive an incentive of a reduced deductible of $100 per person (up to $300 per family depending on plan selection and the number of individuals covered) if they enroll in Healthy Futures and complete an HRA between August 15 and October 15 and complete two healthy activities prior to the next Open Enrollment.

New for 2017-18: No More Spouse/Domestic Partner Requirement

Spouses and domestic partners no longer need to participate to earn the incentive. Only the benefits-eligible employee/retiree/COBRA member needs to participate to earn the incentive for all individuals covered on the OEBB medical plan.

If you complete the requirements of the Healthy Futures program within the designated time frames, effective October 1, 2017, your OEBB medical plan deductible will be reduced $100/person (up to a $300 value per family depending on plan selection and number of individuals covered)

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) FORMS AND INFORMATION

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-free employee funded account used for unreimbursed health related expenses (doctor visit co-pay or co-insurance fees, dental and/or vision expenses, and prescription expenses) and dependent care expenses.

The maximum amount is $2600 for Health Related Expenses (HRE) and $5000 for Dependent Care Expenses (DCE). What if you don’t use it?  Any unused balance up to $500 will be carried into the next plan year (amounts over $500 will be forfeited). Funds are carried over approximately 15 days after the 90-day claim submission period ends, therefore mid-January.  You do not have to enroll in the FSA plan to have your remaining funds carry over.

 Access your account using MyFlex  
List of Eligible expenses
FAQ sheet

There are a few ways to submit a reimbursement claim: 

1. Submit your claim electronically through MyFlex web portal 

    2. Complete a Reimbursement request and submit by fax: 

    • Fax:  (541) 485-8759

      3. Mail reimbursement form and copies of receipts/EOBS to:

      PacificSource Administrators, Inc 
      PO Box 2897
      Portland OR 97208


      Optional Group Insurance: Plan Summaries, Rates, and College MLAP Program:

      Basic term life insurance, basic accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, and long-term disability insurance are automatically provided to full time benefited employees at no cost. You may purchase optional additional life and AD&D insurance coverage for yourself and your dependents. If you do so when you are first eligible for benefits, there is a guaranteed issue provision. If you do not enroll during the guarantee issue period, you may apply for optional insurance during open enrollment or following a date of eligibility and are subject to approval by The Standard.  Coverage is effective the first of the month following the date of hire or the date of eligibility.

      The Medical Leave Assistance (MLAP) Program is a voluntary contribution program.  Enrollment is upon new hire or during the open enrollment period. Members who choose to opt out of the program may do so only during the open enrollment period.

      Other Benefits:
      Employee Assistance Program (EAP) OEBB/Reliant Behavioral Health  

      Login to MyRBH for EAP Services
      (to register use group code OEBB)
      List of EAP Providers
      EAP Informational Flyer

      Tax Sheltered Annuities/ 403 (b) & 457 (b) Plans

      Oregon Savings Growth Plan 457(b)


      Moda Health Website (Select "Login to MyModa")
      Moda Health Provider Search
      Customer Service: 866-923-0409

      Pharmacy Services:
      Postal Prescription Services (PPS) (print version)
      or call 800-552-6694 to enroll

      Standard Insurance Website
      Customer Service: 866-756-8115

      Willamette Dental Website
      Customer Service: 855-433-6825

      Restore Vision Centers
      Customer Service: 877-508-2020

      PacificSource Administrators FSA
      Customer Service: 800-422-7038

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