Waranya Arthonprachachit

Waranya ArthonprachachitWaranya moved with her family to Central Oregon from Thailand two years ago.

At first, she says, it was very hard for her to adapt to American education because English is her second language.

"I'm glad that I have had a very good opportunity to study at Central Oregon Community College, because every instructor and every staff member always supported and encouraged me," she says. "They always do their best to answer all of my questions. I think I'm lucky to be a part of this community college."

Waranya's dream is to continue her education until she earns a doctorate degree in public health. Her career goal is to be a health educator and work with the World Health Organization so that she can help improve the health of people around the world.

"COCC is a very friendly environment and everyone will love this community college," she says. "I feel like this is a family more than just a college."

Waranya was selected as one of two students to represent COCC on the 2016 All-Oregon Academic Team.