Sarah Gump

Sarah GumpSarah Gump worked as a grocery store manager for 10 years, but tired of the long, inconsistent hours. She concluded that she could best fulfill her potential in a role where she could help people.

"My motivation has been my drive to succeed," says Sarah. "I know that even when things are hard (school, scheduling, family) that I can overcome and will be a better person for it."

All of Sarahs hard work and dedication has paid off. She was accepted to the fall 2015 cohort of the COCC nursing program. She hopes to become an ICU nurse; however, shes heard from others in the nursing program that her choice could change a few dozen times during the next two years.

"My experience at COCC has been really good so far," says Sarah. "I've felt that whenever I needed help, I received it. My advisor was always very encouraging and answered my questions and gave me the tools I needed to succeed."

Sarah offers this advice for those who are considering attending college: "No matter what your educational goals are, you should at least talk to an advisor and find out what steps are required to get you to those goals. In many cases, you don't have to commit to a full-time course load so that you can continue to work and have time for your family without feeling overwhelmed. Even being able to put down a few courses on a resume looks good."