Lisa D. Mathis

Lisa MathisA mother of five and a state-registered childcare provider for 23 years, Lisa Mathis started back to school one class at a time.

"COCC is an amazing school," she says. "Everyone is so supportive in helping students get the quality education they deserve. I met an amazing group of friends who made the re-introduction back to school even easier."

Scholarships have helped Lisa go to school full time this year. "I was very nervous about working full time, going to school full time and still having quality times with my family and other activities," says Lisa. "But it has all blended nicely. Life is good. Busy but good."

Lisa said she was surprised at the how easy it was to get started back in school: "If I can do it with MY crazy life and schedule, anyone can. They even have one-day-only classes or weekend classes. College works for everyone if you have the desire. It's hard but well worth the final results."

Lisa was one of two students chosen for the 2015 All Oregon Academic Team, which recognizes community college students for their academic achievement, leadership and service

"I love all the dynamics and possibilities that are out there and look forward to continuing my education after I get my Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education at COCC and my bachelor's degree in social services at OSU-Cascades Campus in Bend."

Lisa is considering several career options: social services, as a state licensing specialist or perhaps as a higher education instructor.

"The sky is the limit. I am enjoying my classes, instructors and peers as I travel this journey. A quote I love is: "You don't want to look back and know you could've done better.'"