Jarid Warfield

Jarid WarfieldAfter graduating from La Pine High School, Jarid Warfield served in the Air Force for eight years as a member of the Security Forces. After leaving the Air Force, he decided to pursue a degree in engineering.

“COCC offers a rather diverse college experience,” says Jarid. “My experience here has been very enjoyable! Students here all have such unique backgrounds and goals, so I feel very comfortable attending as a nontraditional student.”

Jarid’s primary educational goal since starting college has been to finish a math course every term with an 'A' grade in order to be eligible for entry into the Engineering program. “This has been difficult, as math is by far my weakest area; however, with perseverance and dedication, I am achieving this goal.”

“I have mountains of responsibility (three children) aside from school, so when I was awarded a Foundation scholarship, I was elated knowing that some of the financial burden had been removed from my shoulders,” says Jarid.

His long-term goals include graduating in 2017 with a degree in engineering and then working in a paid internship.

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