Mike Gardner

Mike GarnerInstructor of Mathematics, Madras Campus

In high school, Mike Gardner earned good grades in all subjects with the sole exception of mathematics. So there is more than a touch of irony that he has taught math for more than 35 years, and continues to teach the subject - even after retiring.

"I had to work hard at learning the mathematical concepts, but I enjoyed the structure and processes," remembers Gardener. "I chose to teach math because it was a challenge for me to learn, but I enjoyed the nature of its structure-it made sense."

Mike describes the atmosphere in his classes as informal formality: "I want the students in my classes to feel comfortable participating, to believe their input has worth and to feel free to offer their solutions and views."

He says students will see a distinct structure in his presentations that varies little from day to day, though there is always the opportunity to go "sideways" when the opportunity presents itself. "I attempt to ensure that the structure of my lessons includes a portion that requires each student to actively participate in some manner," he explains.