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Kelly Musgrove

Kelly MusgroveInstructor of Criminal Justice

Having worn a badge for close to 30 years, Criminal Justice instructor Kelly Musgrove puts a street-view understanding of law enforcement into his lectures, whether that's unraveling ethical issues or explaining current practices. It's a perspective that takes learning to a new level.

"My interest in law enforcement started when I was a small child," says Musgrove, now retired from police work. "A few of my uncles became police officers in California…they were my role models." With a career that climbed nearly the full ladder of law enforcement, from cadet to commander, it was a life dedicated to serving his East Bay community of California.

That commitment carries on in Central Oregon, where Musgrove has swapped a uniform for a classroom, beginning in 2015 with COCC's Business program (he holds a master's degree in business and public administration), and now with Criminal Justice.

At COCC, he's found a second calling. "I enjoy the mutual energy shared in the classroom," he says. "And I really like to hear why students are interested in criminal justice. Those that want to work in the field, I pull no punches and let them know all the issues that they may see over a career."

Part of the instructor's approach to teaching is to offer essential life skills. "I like to ensure that the focus is on long-term goals by achieving short-term successes," he says. He also encourages a wide lens to learning — the broader the education, he says, the easier it will be for students to understand the value of diversity in the community.

Teaching remotely for the time being, Musgrove utilizes frequent breakout sessions to encourage team problem-solving in the virtual classroom. "I discuss a topic openly with the students, then move them into breakout groups to come up with a solution. It seems to work very well," he shares. Uncover COCC's Criminal Justice learning opportunities.