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Jim Moodie

Jim MoodieProfessor of General Biology

"I really can't remember wanting to do anything else with my life than study and teach biology. Teaching comes naturally to me. As the eldest of five boys, teaching my younger brothers started me on the pathway to my career.

"My passion continues to be exploring the natural world, especially animal biology, and how it all fits together - evolutionary biology rocks! The subject is continually going off in new directions and taking new twists. The coolest part of my job is watching students get those 'light bulb' moments, becoming animated about biology, from genes to bird behavior, and witnessing their own passion for the subject ignite.

"As I continued to study biology in graduate school, I realized my interest includes many areas of biology. This insight made my decision to teach at COCC an easy one. The classes here are introductory classes, both for biology majors and for non majors, where we explore a range of topics. My students and I work together to understand biological principles and find the patterns of life that can assist us to answer the fascinating 'how and why' questions of biology. There is no way you can find biology boring; take a biology class and discover your natural side!"