COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Jim Hawes

Instructor of Writing

Jim Hawes"I picked teaching as my career because I fell in love with seeing students gain a strong sense of critical reading, thinking and writing. It is such a gratifying experience to witness students learn new ways of thinking about our world and their place in it. The best part of my job is when a student says, 'I get it now.'

"The community college is the perfect setting for me to teach because many of the students here have a real desire to learn and better their place in life. That same desire keeps me wanting to better myself."

"My favorite courses to teach are Writing 60 and 65. It is in these classes that I see my students grow by leaps and bounds as thinkers. My students guide me in what we need to work on. I also like to keep my classes fun. I see relaxed students as learning students."

Jim earned an associates degree from COCC and a bachelors degree in English.