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Chris Rubio

Associate Professor of Composition

Chris RubioChris Rubio originally thought she wanted to become the next Ellen Goodman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at the "Boston Globe", but her love of fiction lead her to become an English teacher instead.

She is passionate about multicultural authors, and both her literature and writing courses feature very diverse writers.

"I love introducing students to writers few have heard of, and then watch those same authors become the students' favorites," she says. "For that reason, my favorite literature course is probably Diversity in Literature, but Introduction to Women Writers comes in a close second."

She chose to teach at a community college because "I love that community colleges open their doors to everyone and give students of various ages and diverse backgrounds the opportunity for a higher education."

Chris says she brings a great deal of energy into the classroom: "I try to motivate students with my own energy, which involves a fair amount of humor," she says. "This term a student told me I reminded her of Ellen DeGeneres. I'm choosing to take that as a compliment!"

She says teaching is a very rewarding profession: "Teachers frequently get to see the results of their own work and commitment in the success of their students."