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Latinx Heritage Month: Tres Vidas

Tuesday, 10/19/2021 from 8 a.m. to 10/23/2021 at 8 p.m.


Virtual prerecorded ensemble event, Oct. 19-23, celebrates the life, times and work of three significant Latin and South American Women

With the music of popular folk songs from Mexico, El Salvador and Argentina, "Tres Vidas" celebrates the life, times, and work of three significant Latin and South American Women: painter Frida Kahlo of Mexico, peasant activist Rufina Amaya of El Salvador and poet Alfonsina Storni of Argentina. The work is conceived and performed by the Core Ensemble of Florida.

Storylines include Frida Kahlo’s dramatic and passionate relationship with painter Diego Rivera, Rufina Amaya’s astounding singular survival of the massacre at El Mozote and Alfonsina Storni’s lifelong challenges as Argentina’s first great feminist poet. This free event is part of Central Oregon Community College's celebration of Latinx Heritage Month.

Free. Email to receive the viewing link, valid from Tues.-Sat., Oct. 19-23.

For more information, contact Evelia or 541.318.3726.

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Tres Vidas