Internal Grants Program

Message from President Middleton to the 2014 Internal Grant Applicants:

Thank you for your thoughtful grant submissions.  As noted by the review committee, 21 thoughtful, well-written proposals with a total ask amount of $675,000 were submitted.  From this group, the review committee has recommended eight projects totaling $178,614 which I am approving.  This allocation remains within the $200,000 established limit.  While all were not approved, I suggest those who submitted proposals continue to explore how your initiatives might be integrated into General Fund Budget proposals, capital requests and/or external grant submissions.  Again, remember that the criteria focus for this process was on one-time expenditures.  Many good ideas were included but which the committee felt required long-term commitments – something beyond its scope to approve.

2014 Internal Grant Recipients

Awardee Amount

Putting Banner to Work, Yvonne Ramage, CFO Office


Freshman Year Experience Course Design, Shawna Elsberry & Sara Henson, Student Retention 


Policy and Procedures Manual Revision, Ron Paradis and Institutional Viability Task Force


Communications Plan for Prospective Students, Courtney Ford, Admissions


Learning Community Training, Jacob Agatucci/Chris Rubio, Learning Communities Committee


ITS Staff Training, Laura Boehme, IT Services 


Video Recording of BI 233 Lectures, Mark Eberle, Science


Apple Computer Classroom for digital arts and design, Jerry Schulz, Continuing Education


To request draw down of your Internal Grant funds, please complete the form by clicking the link below:
Internal Grant Request for Funds Form

If you have any quesitons, please contact:
Tanya Bruce
541-383-7731 (Ext 7731)

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