Grants Office

The COCC Grants Office is the hub for all grant proposal efforts at the College.

The purpose of the Grants Office is to maximize grant revenue while advancing the Mission, Vision, and Core Themes of the College. All grant applications are go through the grant application process coordinated by the Grants Office prior to submission. The Grants Office strives to streamline the grant application process for efficiency, to serve as a resource center for grant seekers, and to provide support throughout the grant application process.

In February 2014, the Grants Office gave a presentation to the COCC Board of Directors on current grant activity. Below is a link to an overview of the presentation:
Grants Office Report to Board of Directors

Grants Office

Zak Boone, Executive Director 
Central Oregon Community College Foundation 
Boyle Education Center 
(541) 383-7212 

Attention Students: The COCC Grants Office works with COCC faculty, administrators, and staff to obtain grants for college programs, special projects, and capital improvements. For student grants/scholarship applications go to

Grant Application Process

Step 1)  Identify

  • Potential funding source (Grants Office can provide guidance and resources)
  • Project Point Person (Person who will write, manage, and report on the grant)
  • Project Chief Administrator (Must be director/dean level or above)

Step 2)  Meet

  • With COCC Grants Office to review procedures for grants at COCC

Step 3)  Complete

Step 4)  Submit


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