Expanded Options Program

Students interested in participating in the Expanded Options program must complete an "Intent Form" and submit to his/her high school counselor no later than May 15 of each year. Upon receiving authorization from the high school, students must:

1. Complete a COCC Application for Admission and submit an Expanded Options Authorization form to COCC's Admissions & Records Office at any COCC campus. The application is only required if a student has never taken a credit class at COCC or has been away from COCC for more than one year. Students must submit the Expanded Options Authorization form to COCC in order for bookstore credit to be processed and for tuition charges to be billed to the school district. Please note that the Expanded Options Authorization form does not actually register you in the classes listed; you must follow all registration steps. Students can confirm receipt of the Authorization form by using their COCC Bobcat Web Account (under Registration section). Note that current students (those who have taken a credit class in the prior year) must submit an Expanded Options Authorization Form no later than the end of the first week of each term.

2. Take the COCC Placement Test: COCC's placement test is required for all students taking credit classes. The goal of this test is to measure a student's current skill level in reading, writing and math in order to select the most appropriate level of courses. Most people complete the test in 1½ to 2 hours. See the Placement Test Appointment webpage to make a reservation. 

3. Academic Advising: All certificate or degree seeking students are required to meet with a COCC advisor prior to registration. New student advising appointments last approximately 2 ½ hours and can be scheduled by calling 383-7200 or 383-7500. Note that only the high school counselor can verify whether or not a course can meet high school graduation requirements. 

4. Register for classes on your registration day and time. New students will receive this information after submitting an application for admission; current students will be notified mid-way through each term. 

5. Books and Supplies: For non Bend-LaPine School District students - within two business days of receipt of the Expanded Options Authorization form, COCC will set up a COCC Bookstore charge account. Students may charge only books and supplies related to courses approved under the Expanded Options program. Students will be required to reimburse the school district for any purchases not specifically related to COCC classes. (For example, pens, pencils, notepads, candy, T-shirts are NOT related expenses.) Upon completion of the course, books become property of the school district. Contact your high school counselor about returning books and supplies to the high school; students may be fined and/or high school diploma withheld if materials are not returned. For Bend-LaPine School District students - you will not have a COCC Bookstore charge account. Rather, you must purchase your books and supplies related to your courses, then work with your high school counselor for possible reimbursement. 

6. Attend class! Students must attend the entire first week of classes. If students miss a class, they will be dropped from the course and can only re-add the course if space is available.

Maintaining Program Eligibility 

  1. Submission of COCC transcripts to High School Counselor: COCC will automatically send high schools a copy of the student's transcript at the end of each term. Note that grade reports will not be sent to the student's home; instead, grades are available online on the Thursday following finals week.
  2. Completion of Courses and Grade Requirements: Students must complete all courses indicated on the Authorization Form with at least a C grade or better. Grades of X (audit), I (incomplete), or W (withdrawal) will revoke eligibility.
  3. Submission of Expanded Options Authorization Form to COCC: After the first term, students must continue to submit a School District Authorization Form to COCC for each subsequent term. Bookstore charge accounts cannot be set up without this authorization; Authorization forms should be submitted as soon as high school counselors have confirmed continued eligibility. Authorization forms may be submitted in person in Boyle Education Center or by fax to 541-318-3700 and must be submitted by the end of the first week of the term. Note that the authorization form is not a registration form; students are still responsible for registering for classes online or in person.

Bobcat Web Account
Students can register for classes, check grades and pay for non-Expanded Options classes via their Bobcat Web Account. To access your account, go to www.cocc.edu and click on "Student Login". Click on the "Bobcat Web Account" link and follow the login directions at the top of the page.

Student Privacy
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, COCC will not release information about students' grades, class schedule, day-to-day attendance, course progress or other educational records to anyone, including parent/guardian(s), without the student's written consent. If students wish to have this information released to someone else, the STUDENT must complete a "Release of Information" form and submit it in person, with picture ID, to Enrollment Services (Boyle Education Center). 

By signing the Expanded Options Authorization form, the student is providing permission for COCC to release grades, registration activity and student account information to the student's high school. 

COCC Policies
Students are solely responsible for meeting all college policies, expectations, and deadlines associated with enrollment and instruction as outlined in the COCC College Catalog.

Contact your high school counselor for questions about the Expanded Options program and your eligibility; contact the COCC Admissions & Records Office at 383-7500 or welcome@cocc.edu for questions about registration.


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