College Now Classroom Information Literacy Session Request

This form is for high school instructors teaching for College Now. All other COCC Faculty, use our regular IL Session Request Form.

Guidelines for IL Sessions

Classroom IL sessions are most effective when...

  • students have access to computers during the session. Hands-on experience is important for students to learn and remember these new concepts and skills.
  • tied to a specific assignment.
  • they focus on one or two specific resources rather than a general overview of the Library's resources.


  • Instructors must be present at the IL session.
  • Make sure you have contacted the College Now office at COCC to request activation of library access for your students AND that you have received your students' ID numbers.
  • Submit the IL Session request form (this form) at least a week in advance of the date requested.
  • Students in your class who are not registered for the COCC class will not have access to the COCC library's online resources and will need to use OSLIS or other resources during the IL session.

After you submit the form, we will assign a librarian to your class and confirm with you. The librarian assigned to your class may contact you to get more specific information about your assignment and needs for the IL session. If you have questions about scheduling, contact Mary Beth Hamilton at or 541-383-7564.

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Information Literacy Session Request

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Please provide any details about visiting your school that the librarian will need to know (guest parking, etc.). We'll assume that checking in at the front office is required.


*I have reviewed the guidelines for information literacy instruction sessions at the top of this form.