FAQs About Federal Work-Study

How do I get Federal Work-Study (FWS) funding?
The FWS program is am employment program for some, but not all, financial aid recipients.  Students must have indicated that they were interested in the FWS program on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Who is eligible for this program?
Student who are awarded FWS can be part or full-time students.  COCC will award students depending on the student's expected family contribution.

What type of jobs are available?
The FWS program provides experience in a variety of fields including physical education, library work, the sciences, health service and office work.  Community service jobs are also available but limited.  Due to the need to match job requirements with student skills, the College cannot guarantee employment to all eligible FWS recipients.

How much work-study could I receive?
The amount students are authorized to earn is listed on their Award Letter or accessible through their student services account.  Students may work and earn up to the total work-study award amount of $3600 for 2016-2017 and may not exceed that amount.  Students must be awarded FWS before they can work and cannot be placed in a work-study job until they receive a financial aid award that includes work-study.  Students cannot expect to receive any FWS funds until they are actually placed and work in a work-study job.

May I work more than one job?
Yes, but student cannot exceed the amount of award for the academic year.  The student and supervisor will be responsible for tracking the hours worked so they do not exceed awarded amounts.  Contracts from both positions must be complete and submitted to the FWS Coordinator for processing.  This does not increase any FWS award and students may not exceed the amount of their award.

Where do I begin?
Students cannot be placed on a work-study job until they receive and accept a financial aid award that includes work-study.  Students cannot expect to receive any FWS funds until they are actually placed and working in a work-study job.

How do I find a job?
Once FWS has been accepted, students may begin applying for FWS jobs that are listed on our database.  All current jobs are posted online at https://jobs.cocc.edu/ under the 'Other Positions' link.  Once the student registers, they will be able to apply for work-study positions.

What is the rate of pay and how many hours can I work?
Student who are paid under FWS may earn minimum wage and up.  Per COCC policy, students may work 10-12 hours per week but not to exceed 15 hours per week.  Students that need to work more than 15 hours will need to receive approval from their supervisor and FWS Coordinator.  

Can my FWS award change during the year?
Yes.  Occasionally the Financial Aid Office will need to revise the amount of awards based on changes in financial situations or receipt of additional financial resources.  This could include scholarships and third party contract.  It is the student responsibility to notify the supervisor of any award changes.

How do I get the money?
Students are paid monthly on the 15th for actual hours worked the previous month.  Time sheets must be electronically submitted by the student and approved by the supervisor, then submitted to fiscal services by the end of the month worked.  Checks will then be available with picture identification from the cashiers in the Boyle Education Center or students may request to have their paycheck mailed instead. 

What if I change jobs?
Students may change positions at any time during the year.  A new contract authorization will need to be submitted to the FWS Coordinator. 

Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Contact the FWS Coordinator at 541-383-7263.

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