Receiving Award Funding

Bookstore Credits

Login to your 'Bobcat Web Account' and follow the steps below to see if you have sufficient financial aid for a bookstore credit.  If eligible, you may charge books at the COCC Bookstore before funds are disbursed.  Click here for more information on bookstore credit dates.

Receiving your Funds

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Wait for your disbursement
Funds are applied to your COCC account on the second Friday of each term. If you are a first time loan borrower at COCC or only borrowing for one term, the loan disbursement dates may be delayed. Click here for term specific information about disbursements.

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Receiving a refund            
The Wednesday after aid has been applied, login to your 'Bobcat Web Account' to see if a 'Refund Complete' is posted.  Once this message is posted, it may take 2-14 days for you to receive funds. 

Click on 'Student Services and Financial Aid'
Click on 'Tuition/Fees and Online Payment'

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