Can I Get Financial Aid as a Part-Time Student?

Generally, the Financial Aid Office will pay your financial aid based on the amount of credits you are enrolled in on tuition due date. An exception is the PELL Grant which sometimes pays a small amount for less-than-half-time enrollment.  Classes must be taken for credit, not audited, to count toward financial aid.


1/4 time
1-5 credits
1/2 time
6-8 credits
3/4 time
9-11 credits
Full time
12+ credits
Federal Pell Grant *25%50% 75% 100%
Federal SEOG Grant100%100% 100% 100%
Oregon Opportunity Grantnot eligible50%50%100%
Oregon Promise Grant
not eligible
COCC Foundation Scholarshipnot eligible50%75% 100%
COCC Merit Scholarshipnot eligible100%100%100%
Federal Direct Student Loansnot eligible100%100% 100%

 * Depending on enrollment, expected family contributions of 3501 or high may not calculate with the above percentages.

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