Extra Credit Lectures

Five Point Activities:

My current student can earn 5 points for activities affiliated with COCC or OSU-Cascades, open to all students, require participation or time commitment of a hour or more and educate you on a topic  (eg. talks, salmon bake, multicultural festivals, dancing clinics, book discussions, PawPrints, movie nights). Students are to write up a one-page informal reflection about the event or a list of 10 things you found interesting or fun.

CLUB EVENTS: Club meetings/decorating or publicizing do not count toward extra credit. Club events that are longer than 1 hour will count for 5 pts. Click here: ASCOCC Events Web


Advising Information Session: What Can COCC Do For You?
Presenter: Marcus LeGrande- Pathway College and Career Success Coach and Instructor
Feb 7th @ 1:00-12:00   Location MODOC 104
Marcus will be giving information on services COCC has to offer to students to help deal with situations that could potentially side line your education.

Psychology Lecture:
The Many Faces of Gender: What It Means to be Male or Female or Someone In Between
Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Walker-Sands
Feb 7th @ 3:00-4:30 PM   location Redmond Campus (RDM 305)

Curious about Caitlyn Jenner?  Learn about biological contributions to gender identity and other ways of being, including the physiological bases for external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, gender identity, mate choice and trends in behavior.

Psychology Lecture:
Hormones and Stress: The Goldilocks Approach
Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Walker-Sands
Too little stress is bad; just the right amount is GOOD. Too much and it’s curtains! Learn the effects of stress on health in the long run and how stress can kill you in the short term.
Feb 21 @ 3:00-4:30 PM   COCC Prineville Campus-PRI120

Psychology Movie Night
Movie: Truman Show
Followed by discussion facilitated by Dr. Matthew Novak
Feb 25 @ 5:00-8:00 PM Hitchcock Auditorium (PIO 201)

Psychology Lecture:
Cranial Injuries and Criminals: Understanding Brain Function Through Mishaps and Mayhem
Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Walker-Sands
What do John Hinckley, Jr., Charles Whitman and Phineas Gage have in common?  Learn about how behavior can be changed in predictable ways, for better or worse, when brain structure is altered.
Feb 28 @ 3:00-4:30 PM   Bend Campus (OCH 204)

Psychology Movie Night:
Movie: Beautiful Mind
Followed by discussion facilitated by Dr. Matthew Novak
March 4 @ 5:30-8:30 Hitchcock Auditorium (PIO 201)

COCC mini-conference to showcase student achievements, provide resources, learn more about topics, socialize and have fun! Open to public. Family friendly.

Links to Campus Events:  Check under What's New on the main website for ideas, but below are some of the regular events. https://www.cocc.edu/

Multicultural Events: Events are located on the right side of the page with links to descriptions. Page is updated monthly. Click here: Multicultural Events Web

Paw Prints: Family fun!! Bring your kids. Click here: Paw-Prints Web

RAD Training: Are you aware of the Rape Aggression Defense training course offered on campus each quarter? 5 points with summary. You can earn two credits while learning about awareness and basic self-defense tactics one weekend. Contact Kathy McCabe for more information or to enroll at kmccabe@cocc.edu.

Three Point Activities:


JUST FOR FUN: Did you know students get discounted massages through the massage clinic! 3 points with verification. Check it out and book one today: Click here: Student Massage Clinics Web