Extra Credit Lectures

Five Point Activities:

You can receive 5 points for activities affiliated with COCC or OSU-Cascades, open to all students, require participation or time commitment of a hour or more and educate you on a topic count (eg. talks, salmon bake, multicultural festivals, dancing clinics, book discussions, PawPrints, movie nights). Students are to write up a one-page informal reflection about the event or a list of 10 things you found interesting or fun.

CLUB EVENTS: See COPE Calendar on my main website or check out the ASCOCC club calendar. Club meetings/decorating or publicizing do not count toward extra credit. Club events that are longer than 1 hour will count for 5 pts. Click here: ASCOCC Events Web

COPE Lunch and Learn:

Links to Campus Events:  Check under What's New on the main website for ideas, but below are some of the regular events. https://www.cocc.edu/

Multicultural Events: Events are located on the right side of the page with links to descriptions. Page is updated monthly. Click here: Multicultural Events Web

Paw Prints: Family fun!! Bring your kids. Click here: Paw-Prints Web

Three Point Activities:

Criminal Justice Club: Quarterly Blood Drive. 3 points for donation and/or 3 points for volunteering.

JUST FOR FUN: Did you know students get discounted massages through the massage clinic! 3 points with verification. Check it out and book one today: Click here: Student Massage Clinics Web 

Women Self-Defense: Are you aware of the Rape Aggression Defense training course offered on campus each quarter? 5 points with summary. You can earn two credits while learning about awareness and basic self-defense tactics one weekend. Contact Kathy McCabe for more information or to enroll at kmccabe@cocc.edu.