eLearning & Academic Technology

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What is eLearning?

eLearning refers to the use of educational technology to provide online access to instructional material outside a traditional classroom, and enables student and instructor participation in an online or hybrid course setting. At COCC, the eLearning Department is in charge of instructional technology and online course spaces. The flexibility of online education allows students with diverse needs and schedules to achieve their educational goals through a variety of delivery methods. All classes taught online are worth full credit towards a degree at COCC, and are always taught by faculty members trained to teach in online environments.

Online education is different from taking a face-to-face class, with unique advantages and challenges. We help bring faculty and students together in online learning communities, and support you through:

  • Access to Blackboard Learn
  • Access to the Online Orientation
  • Help with setting up courses in Blackboard
  • Use of different Academic Technologies and multimedia

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