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Student Life Department Contacts


Alicia Moore, Vice President of Student Affairs

Andrew Davis, Director of Student and Campus Life

Christy Chaung, Administrative Assistant, VP of Student Affairs and Student Life Office

Christine Walker, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Lindsay Buccafurni, Assistant Director of Student Life

Sharon Bellusci, Student Services Technology and Communications Coordinator

Student Life Office
Coats Campus Center
, Room 208

Buffy Stoll Turton, Director of First-Year Experience Program

Cascades Hall, Room 239

TBD, Student Housing Marketing & Summer Conference Coordinator

Dustin Hunt, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life

David Wolfe, Residence Life Coordinator

Wickiup Hall, Room 2203

Wickiup Hall, Room 2205

Wickiup Hall, Room 2202

Joshua Motenko, Assistant Director of Club and Intramural Sports

Randal Seaton, Coordinator of Club and Intramural Sports

Mazama, Room 111

Mazama, Room 111

Lily Raff McCaulou, Broadside Newspaper Advisor Coats Campus Center, Room 102B
Michelle Cary, Coordinator of the Native American Program

Claudia Bisso-Fetzer, Coordinator of AVANZA! College Preparation Program

Jacqueline Ruggieri, Coordinator of the Latino Students Program


Coats Campus Center, Room 106B

Cascades Hall,
Room 242

Coats Campus Center
, Room 106A