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Programs and Classes

So many choices - so much to explore. Have you thought about being a veterinarian? Interested in medicine or chemistry? Do plants, rocks and other wonders of nature intrigue you? Then we've got the classes for you! Central Oregon Community College's Science and Math Departments offer students an introduction to geology, physics, zoology, and more. Take a look at your options.


Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) Degree
For those students who want to pursue an advanced degree specifically in a medical-related field, math or statistics, or any of the sciences, COCC's Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree is the degree for you. Designed so students can easily transfer to an Oregon public university with junior standing, the AAOT offers students a wide array of courses as well as an introduction to the sciences and math arenas. With 12 required science or math credits, as well as opportunities to take up to 32 additional credits for your electives-all taught by some of the most respected faculty in the region--you can't go wrong. Students can focus on several areas within the Science and Math Department:

Physical Sciences
Chemistry: organic, synthetic, reactive, bonding. Geology: minerals, earthquakes, glaciation, igneous activities. Physics: radiant, electrostatic, Faraday's Law and Newtonian Mechanics. Sound intriguing? Then you're in the right place! COCC's Physical Science classes introduce students to the inanimate, non-living matter that makes up our every day world.

Biological Sciences
Biology, botany, microbiology and zoology... molecules, plants, bacteria and animals. Cool stuff. Fun stuff. Stuff that's around us every day, everywhere we go. From Human Anatomy & Physiology to Microbiology and Plant Identification, our classes help students explore the living organisms that make up our every day life.

Pre-Med, Pre-Vet and other Pre-Professional Opportunities
If medicine, dentistry or vet medicine is in your future, then COCC's science and math classes should be on your course schedule. From Principles of Biology to the Biology of Animals, our courses provide the foundation you need to succeed.

Yep, you got it. Math is required for every degree, so why not dive in now? With some of the most talented and patient instructors around, we can help build your math skills to get you on the right track. Interested in pursuing a degree in math, statistics or any of the sciences? Then continue on up the math ladder. With over 20 courses offered each year, we'll get you on your path to success!

Can't decide? No worries. Our advisors can help guide you through your choices, as well as help narrow transfer degree and career opportunities. Intriguing classes... incredible instructors... expert academic advising... what could be better?